Team Building Ideas for Corporates

We work with tried and trusted suppliers to provide corporate team building activities throughout the UK.

Often the phrase team building can send a shiver down the spine – it is not always everyone’s cup of tea. We’ll help you choose the right team building activity.

Have you thought about booking team building events for staff or delegates as a reward, an incentive or to develop office relationships and increase morale?

Yes, you can still build a raft but there is much more out there! The result of a good team building event is that your team/guests will be entertained but will also encourage communication, cooperation and positive relationships.

Choose from a quick energiser to a full day of activities – the choice is yours…

Energisers and Icebreakers
Ice Breakers can be effective at the beginning of the training session, meeting, conference or team-building event. They help people get to know each other and buy into the purpose of the day or event.

Alternatively, after lunch, consider having an energiser to motivate delegates for the afternoon session.

Outdoor Team Building
A great way to get your team away from the office environment; can be a half or full day.
Choose from multi activity, treasure hunts, physical and competitive activities.

Outdoor Team building - archery

Indoor teambuilding
Teambuilding can also be very successful indoors – ideal for the Winter months or fitting in an activity with your conference schedule. On average they can last a couple of hours or half a day.
Choose from multi activity, cookery, creative and competitive activities.

Team building ideas

Social Events
Why not organise some fun and engaging team entertainment for your evening event ?

Evening Team building entertainment

Why not have a look at our team building page for some more ideas

If you are looking to book a corporate team building activity then why not complete our contact form or call us on 01252 722185.

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