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If you have ever been given the task to book a meeting or event you will know how time consuming and daunting this experience can be. A venue finder can do all the leg work taking all the tedious venue searching & calling off your hands leaving you to focus on the actual event planning.

Venue Finder

Here are 5 traits of a great venue finder:


An event brief is only the tip of an iceberg. As a venue finder you have to try and come up with a solution which the client will find exciting, innovative and something out of the ordinary which they would have never thought of themselves. It is up to us, as a venue finder, to suggest venues that not only tick all the boxes of the event brief but will also provide the client with an unforgettable event.


It is hard work to be a professional venue finder so you have got to love the job. Having enthusiasm and passion in all aspects of the job will instil trust in your clients and will make them feel important & looked after. When you get it right and the client says this is the perfect venue for them, it is both rewarding & satisfying to hear this.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are essential in getting the best deal for every client. It is a venue finders job to present the best outcome for clients whilst considering the venues and suppliers they work closely with. It is always good to ask as you never know what you may get.

Good Manners

Politeness will get you everywhere. All too often people are more concerned with reaching targets and responding within time limits, they forget about good old common courtesy. No matter who you deal with, whether an end client or a supplier, everyone deserves a little respect. A simple thank you and acknowledgement to any request goes a long way.


The key is to never give up! Each venue search enquiry is always a challenge whether it is getting venue availability, negotiating the rates to fit a budget or just simply getting the correct information from venues. A good venue finder will not let these aspects phase them and will persevere to reach the perfect outcome for the client.

At DeSouza Associates our ethos is all of the above and much more – why not get in touch and let us find you the perfect venue for your next corporate event. Call us on 01252 722185 or complete our contact form.


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