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orporate Christmas Parties are what most employees look forward to at the end of the working year. After putting the hours in to make the business a success, a Christmas Party acts as a reward, thanking employees for all their hard work.
You can boost staff morale ending the year on a positive note and bringing them back more productive than ever next year by hosting a Christmas Party to remember this December!


Here are our top tips when planning your Christmas Party to ensure it’s a great success:

Choosing the right date

Bear in mind that Thursdays and Fridays are always the most popular (understandably due to the sore heads there could be in the morning).

Christmas is a busy time in the social calendar for anyone so try not to book anything too close to the big day itself or you may notice low attendance due to other commitments. The earlier you get your party date in, the easier that your employees can work other events around it.

Choosing the right venue

It’s always recommended to take your employees away from their working environment to get them really relaxed and into the ‘party spirit’ so have a think about what type of venue could work for you.

Whether that’s a Hotel that offers a decked-out Christmas room with a sit-down meal and a disco, a dry hire venue where you can bring in all the theming, entertainment, catering you could wish for or something really unique like a Museum/Boat/Gallery, the possibilities are endless.


Venue Availability

Most companies will be searching for the best venue so to avoid disappointment, get in touch with us sooner rather than later to start your venue search so that you have plenty of options to consider.

Consider Entertainment and Theming

With the company Christmas Party often being the highlight of the annual social calendar (sometimes the only social activity) you will more than likely want to add some creative theming to this event.

The list is endless: Roaring 20’s, an Alpine Ball, Winter Wonderland, Hollywood Glitz and Glamour, an Imperial Christmas to an  Enchanted Forest. Hiring entertainment to match to really wow your guests and give them something to talk about until the next event!

There are singers, magicians, dancers, stilt-walkers, all kinds of entertainers to fit every brief.  However, if you have a particular ‘class act’ in mind remember they can’t be in two places at once! With Christmas being such a busy time of year (and our prediction is particularly so this year), you will want to get in there before someone else does.

Christmas Party


Be cost-wise; compare different vendors to see what they can offer for your money. Often, venues will have a set Christmas package that they offer, their bundled services will usually be more cost effective than hiring a number of different vendors.

Spend money on the important things first; the venue, the drinks, the food (if your employees are anything like us, this is what they will remember the event by.)



If you have employees that are not based locally to the venue and you wish to book accommodation for them, remember that other companies will have the same idea too. Affordable rooms do go quickly so once your venue is booked, let us help you to get the bedrooms sorted as soon as possible whether it’s on-site or at a nearby hotel.

Accommodation for Christmas Party

There is an alternative solution to consider especially if you are a smaller group…

Joiner Parties are in simple terms- a shared Christmas party; where multiple companies take tables with food, drinks, entertainment and a disco therefore saving costs on venue hire, entertainment, staffing, catering etc.

Joiner Parties offer an all-in-one package at a single cost per person attending, where an experienced team have put the event together for you.

Going down this route allows smaller companies or those with lower budgets to experience the same entertainment and facilities that one company could hire out alone but at a fraction of the price. By sharing the costs, the end clients get a great experience for great value.

We can help you book a venue for your Christmas Party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons!

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