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So you’ve just been asked to organise a corporate event. That means considering everything from catering to equipment to accommodation…the pressure is on!

How are you going to find a venue that fits the brief? Where do you start?

How are you going to manage all of the tasks involved?

That’s where we can help. DeSouza Associates are experts at venue finding; we can help you to find a venue for your corporate event that suits all your requirements. 

We have comprised a list of factors to help you manage your event with ease.



The first and foremost decision of all events is where to hold them. The chances are you are going to want somewhere that is easily accessible so delegates are keen to attend:

  • Access by Public Transport- is the venue close to public transport links so delegates have the option to travel by Bus or Train?
  • Access by Car- is the venue easily accessible from the road? Does it offer parking on site or locally at a reasonable price?
  • Accommodation- is this required? If so, does the venue have bedrooms or does anywhere locally offer suitable accommodation?


Next, you must work out how much you are willing to spend. There are many costs to take into account so your budget must be realistic. See examples below:

  • Room Hire/DDR? Events with small numbers or for few hours will work on a Room Hire while events with larger numbers running for a full day will often be quoted a DDR package which includes Catering, AV Equipment and Room Hire, this often helps keep costs down.
  • Catering? AV Equipment? If you’re not on a DDR rate these will be expenses you have to consider on top of the room hire.
  • Accommodation – Do any of the guests require an overnight stay ?


Throughout the day, delegates are going to require food and drink, you need to consider how much and how often. Food is always remembered by delegates so our recommendation is to offer the very best your budget can afford.

  • Refreshments- if you are looking to hold a full day meeting base timings on a normal day in the office…how often do you have a Tea or Coffee? On arrival, mid-morning and mid-afternoon maybe? That’s 3 servings per delegate, maybe you should check if the venue offers an unlimited servings option?
  • Lunch – is this required? What type of lunch would you want to offer – a working lunch for speed or more of a Restaurant lunch so that delegates can have a break from the conference and network?


The venue needs to be a suitable size to facilitate your requirements. Venues will provide room capacities to give you an idea of which meeting rooms will seat your group comfortably.
It’s all about getting the balance right, you don’t want the room to feel too empty or too crowded.

  • What seating arrangements are suitable for the number in your group and the style of your event? i.e classroom style for training, cabaret for an informal feel etc
  • Do you need allow space for AV presentations? 
  • Do you need space for networking or breakouts within the room? Can delegates move around freely
Convention Centres


Most events require some form of equipment, whether it’s as simple as an LCD Projector & Screen (which some venues include in their room hire) or as complex as staging and sound systems which may need to be brought in by an external AV supplier.

What do you need?

  • Consider the brief of your event; is it a discussion which could require microphones?
    A presentation that could require a Lectern and Flipchart
    Allow space in the meeting room to facilitate any equipment when working out the size of room required

You could make trips to multiple venues yourself to find the answers to all of the above or alternatively you could allow us to do the work for you using our experience and knowledge.

Our venue finding service is completely free.

We will work to your brief and requirements to find the perfect venue for your corporate event. We may even be able to save you money along the way!

Call us on 01252 722185 and we can start finding that perfect venue or you can fill out our online contact form and we will call you right back!

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