eSouza Associates have been helping our clients find venues and organise events for almost 25 years!

These unprecedented times and the global pandemic continues and a further lockdown is now in force in England and across many other parts of the globe, particularly in Europe.

Our wonderful events and hospitality industry will recover, although it is now apparent this is going to be much slower than expected! The number one priority continues to be everyone’s safety and good health.

We have kept in touch with all our venues and suppliers over the last several months and continue to do so, keeping up-to-date on clean and safe policies, new meeting capacities, food and beverage offerings etc. The operating system we use enables the venues to upload their various policies so you as the booker can have peace of mind that your delegates will be in a safe environment.

We are all learning alongside each other as we navigate COVID–19 and as the situation evolves, we will work with you, as best we can, to find solutions.


We continue to be fully operational and available during our normal business hours of 9.00-5.15pm via the usual phone number 01252 722185 or by email.

The whole hospital industry has been working very hard in terms of plans to manage the virus, covering health and safety, social distancing and the whole guest journey for example touch points.  Where meetings are going ahead, the numbers are much smaller, the size of meeting rooms offered by venues being larger, due to social distancing rules and the food and beverage offerings will be different – Bento boxes have never been so in vogue!

Presently and in the medium term, it has become clear that hybrid and virtual events will dominate, due to safety concerns and government restrictions in terms of the numbers for live events.

We have recently been involved in organising a large virtual conference which was very successful and our client is looking to have a follow up virtual conference next year and a series of webinars.

So for now we’re delighted to assist you in whatever way we can, albeit different to our role purely as a venue finder.

We can help you navigate this new world of hybrid and virtual as well as assist you arrange the larger live events for 2021 (perhaps from the second half onwards) in terms of the venue, event management, teambuilding etc.

Wishing you good health from the team at DeSouza Associates.

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