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hy not consider a culinary or drinks based activity for your next corporate team building event? Food and drink is a great way of getting people to talk!

Your delegates will learn a new skills whilst improving their confidence & communication and learning to work more effectively as a team.

There are specific cookery schoolbuilt for purpose which are great for full day cookery events however you may wish to add a culinary or drink teambuilding event onto your corporate event. These activities work equally well within an event venue or conference hotel.

Cocktail making is always popular and you can learn how to mix the perfect cocktail and of course taste all the results! 

Gin is the drink of the moment so why not consider a Gin tasting event?
In just over 1½ hours you will get the chance to taste several examples of Gin taken from all over world. Learn classic and modern ways to serve it be it the perfect G & T,a classic Gin Martini or a modern Gin Cocktail. Plus you will learn the history of Gin, how it is made so when you return home you can impress all your colleagues and friends! 

If you fancy following in their footsteps of Bake Off, get creative by taking part in the nation’s favourite activity of the moment – baking! No soggy bottoms here!

Of course there is always the ever popular Wine Tasting. Get to grips with wine tasting techniques as you taste a selection of quality wines from around the world. Try & spot the difference between an Old and New World wine and identify two wines that are tasted ‘blind’. 

There are specific cookery schools which specialise in culinary events such as Jenius Social in London who offer a range of culinary and drinks team building events.

Try the Mystery Box Challenge where teams will compete to create the tastiest entrée and main from a mystery box of ingredients in just 60 minutes!

How about the Mystery Recipe Relay where the group is split into teams, each member gets 15 minutes in the kitchen with an array of ingredients. After which, the baton is passed to the next team member – without telling them what the dish is supposed to be! The final dishes are revealed and shared with the group

Seasons Cookery School is located in a converted well house at Lainston House in Winchester. state of the art kitchen, a dedicated modern dining space and a kitchen garden with pizza oven and outdoor seating. This venue works well as a standalone venue you can book exclusively for up to 24 people for a day course.

Alternatively you can book the Cookery School alongside a meeting as a teambuilding activity in the day or a ‘cook your own’ informal and interactive evening meal. 

Not keen on cooking?

We also can also assist you with other corporate team building events – we work with trusted suppliers to deliver a team building day to remember! 

Call us on 01252 722185 or email events@desouza-associates.com 

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