The DeSouza Associates Team

Our vision is for “Perfect conferences, events and venues every time. To offer a professional and personal service every time using our extensive level of industry knowledge”


Lida DeSouza

Right now I’m loving:
learning to play the piano
badminton, walking, cooking, eating
Little known fact about myself: 
I went to the same school as Diana Krall’s husband Elvis Costello. Not at the same time, I hasten to add!


Catherine Harding

Right now I’m loving:
learning to tap dance
Likes: Marmite
Dislikes: Spiders
Greatest Achievement:
Having my 2 children


Kate McSweeny

Rude people, there is no excuse !
Following my rugby team Harlequins through all the highs & lows, travelling and eating out
Little known fact about myself:
I have a phobia about buttons – yes really


Laura Warner

Going to the gym, socialising and eating (lots!)
Guilty Pleasure:
My obsession of reality tv (or ‘trash tv’ as my parents like to call it)
Little known fact about myself:
My previous job entailed dressing up as A Fairy, A Pirate, A Princess (even a pumpkin once- the shape & colour didn’t do me any favours)