Feb 2018

DeSouza Associates - Laura Warner

I have been a part of the DeSouza Associates team for almost 2 years now. It has flown by but when I look back to the experiences I have had, I can’t believe how much I have squeezed into the time.

My previous job was as an Event Manager for a Children’s Party Company, I would organise Princess Parties for Birthdays, Charities, School events and so on. I even had to don a Princess dress myself every now and then.

The transition from a land of dress-up and fairytales into the ‘Corporate World’ was eye-opening but thankfully very smooth; I like to think I have settled in to the team well. I have created real relationships with venues, using databases and my ever-growing experience. My knowledge of venues has increased further and further over time and I have used my enhanced confidence to learn new skills.

I love the variety of venue finding, I can be working on all sorts of corporate events at any one time; be it Conferences, Parties, corporate team building events or Dinners. Every booking is different.

Along with the team, I have hosted client events where we invite clients along to a venue for a Canape and Drinks reception or Dinner and overnight stay.
These evenings are a great opportunity to really get to know our clients and put a face to the name after communicating only by email and phone. I have built great relationships with clients; offering them a great free venue finding service for their multiple events.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy some incredible adventures in my time here. DeSouza Associates regularly perform site visits at venues where we have a show around of the meeting rooms and bedrooms and a meal in one of their restaurants or private dining spaces (you only have to look at our Instagram to see how much I enjoy these, especially the food!z). There really is no better way to get a feel for the venues than visiting them yourself; it really helps us to remember the spaces they have to offer and consider them for future enquiries.

I have also attended many FAM (familiarisation) trips, both in the UK and internationally, where I am invited by a Hotel group to visit one or more of their properties for a weekend.
I get to enjoy luxury stays along with a variety of activities and delicious food. The UK ones are usually with a guest so I am very popular with my friends now, who like to fight over who’s next to join me! With the international ones I go it alone, meeting other agencies, freelancers and journalists who were also invited. I met some great people in my visits to Paris, Berlin and Marrakech last year and look forward to many more.

So that is my story of the transition from a party princess to an experienced venue finder – here’s to the next year and many more experiences!

If you want to get in touch and try our free venue finding service, call us on 01252 722185 , complete our contact form  or email us at events@desouza-associates.com




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