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Spring is in the air and with Easter fast approaching and Summer on the horizon, things are beginning to feel a bit more positive!

Although live events seem a lifetime away, with the roadmap to recovery in place to ease the lockdown restrictions and more venues beginning to re-open, we are encouraged for the future return of events. Until then, if you need to get colleagues and clients together, do it virtually!

It remains vital to stay in touch with your work colleagues and clients, so getting teams together in a fun, refreshing online environment can be the way to do this! Virtual events are still extremely important in the corporate world and a key factor in going digital over the next few months is to try something new and challenging to keep your teams engaged. There are lots of exciting, new and improved Spring & Easter themed teambuilding on offer via our many suppliers.

There are some great virtual activities available for corporate events to encourage creativity within your teams and escape the daily routine. Such events can give you an excuse to unwind and have fun whilst pulling you away from a ton of distractions people are currently having to deal with at home. With the prospect of warmer, brighter days Springtime can be the perfect opportunity to arrange a unique online experience for your remote teams to unite together.

Easter is traditionally a time for chocolate, bunnies and family fun. A celebration of new beginnings and feasting with many traditional Easter games and customs developed over the years, such as egg rolling, egg & spoon races, egg hunts and egg decorating.

Did you know?

The Easter bunny legend began in Germany hundreds of years ago. It was said the hare was a symbol of the Pagan goddess of Spring and fertility.

The Worlds largest Easter egg weighs in at 5000lbs!

More than 1.5 million crème eggs are produced each day.

Allow the Easter spirit into your work environment and consider one of the following Easter teambuilding ideas:

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Chocolate Egg Making

Easter eggs

Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of chocolate. Working exclusively with an expert chocolatier your teams will be guided through and taught the art of tempering chocolate, making ganache and decorating the chocolate eggs.

A box will be individually delivered to each participant prior to the event, which will include all of the ingredients and equipment required to complete the activity. There may be a small list of equipment requirements which each person will need to provide.

Guests will just need to simply log in on the specified date and time, along with their work colleagues, accompanied by the professional chocolatier.

To get your teams outside in the fresh air and away from their desks, how about organising an outdoor virtual event?

Planting and floral arrangement activities

Flowers play an important role in Easter celebrations and quintessentially symbolise the beginning of Spring. There are a variety of garden themed online events which can be participated in from home, giving everyone the opportunity to get their hands dirty!

How about one of the following?


Design and construct your own herb planter and learn how to mix soil, plant pots and maintain your garden so it can last for years. Enjoy all the lovely fresh herbs with your cooking

Construct a Spring wreath with fresh spring bulbs allowing different flowers to bloom at different stages and therefore the finished arrangement lasts for weeks.

Make a bird feeder by learning the artisan craft of willow weaving. A relaxing activity where people are shown traditional basketry techniques to make a hanging bird food ball which can be placed in your gardens.

Garden bulbs

Kits for each of the activities are available which can be sent out to individuals, including everything you need from the bulbs, decorations, wire & moss.
An expert in their field, will conduct the online event and guide attendees through every step.

Spring Fun Facts!

Children grow faster in the Spring than any other time of the year.

Every year on the first day of Spring, people in Poland gather to burn an effigy and throw it in a river to bid Winter farewell.

The first Spring flowers include lilacs, irises, tulips, daffodils and dandelions.


Wellbeing and mental health are still at the forefront of people’s minds. With the anticipation of teams coming back together and reunions face-to-face, it can be a scary and somewhat apprehensive time for some people. Many wellness webinars, meditation programmes, virtual mindfulness coaching and yoga sessions are all available online and might be just the tonic to help your teams in their transition back to the office. We have teamed up with several suppliers who can offer a variety of wellness sessions – get in touch for more information

There are an abundance of virtual teambuilding options out there, including new and improved escape rooms, themed quizzes, online horse racing events and iconic, gameshow-based events. DeSouza Associates work closely with a selection of suppliers who can provide all of these and many more!

If you are looking for some Easter teambuilding ideas

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As we move forward into 2021, DeSouza Associates are here to support you with every aspect of your event, whether it’s virtual, hybrid or live!

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