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hen deciding on where to host your next event, one of the most important things is performing a site inspection, nothing can take place of being physically present at the venue. Desk based research is helpful but it can only get you so far. You can only tell so much about a venue by looking through marketing paraphernalia and on their website at glossy images which show the venue at its very best.

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Although DeSouza Associates visit venues to keep our venue knowledge up to date so we can advise you the best venues for your corporate event, there is no substitute for experiencing it live in person. After all you know best what you are trying to achieve from your event and what will attract your clients to attend.

Walk your event through during your inspection to see the event through the eyes of a delegate.

See how it flows, from the arrival logistics to movement around the venue between event spaces, catering rooms and bedrooms etc. Bear in mind that for larger groups it is advised to keep movement to a minimum; delegates have been known to get lost along the way would you believe!

These are our recommendations you should follow when visiting potential venues:

A site visit will give you a chance to meet the people you will be working with. By building a relationship with those who are responsible for making your event a success on the day, you will be able to build trust and have confidence in the delivery. At the end of the day, you aren’t just hiring the building and its facilities, but the people who work there and the service they provide too. You can test the service quality of the hotel by staying overnight and eating at the venue experiencing the full process for a delegate from the receptionist service to the waiting staff and the chefs.

It is important to consider every obstacle while you are there so that you can pre-plan around them!

Things to check:

Where is the nearest public transport?

Is there Car Parking on-site and is this chargeable?

What facilities are there for those with a disability?

Are there any obstructions (eg. pillars/ low ceilings) in the meeting space?

If planning anything outdoors, what is the wet weather option?

Financial Benefits of doing a site inspection

Remember first impressions are key. Take time to observe all the public areas as well the meeting rooms and bedrooms as delegates can spend time in these spaces as well when attending an event.

First impressions can contribute significantly if you are trying to create a wow factor for your event, if you notice issues the chances are so will they….

We would recommend taking the following items with you on your site inspection:

  • A Camera– it can be difficult to take notes on everything and sometimes you want something more visual to revert to so as long as you have permission take snaps of the spaces.
  • Notebook- to write down anything discussed that you need to remember.
  • A site inspection checklist- questions that you would like answered.
  • Your brief- in case you need to revert to any details or numbers when discussing the fit of the venue.
  • Our proposal – this outlines the details that the venue proposed and rates quoted
  • And maybe even one of the team at DeSouza Associates….. a 2nd pair of experienced eyes are always useful!
ipad, notebook to take on a site inspection

We can organise everything for you when it comes to site visits, just let us know which venues you would like to see and date preferences and we will check their availability and work out an effective route.

Once arranged, we will send you a detailed itinerary including timings, contact details and any other further information you may require – this is all part of the great free venue finding service we offer.

For local events you are simply stepping out of the office for a couple of hours. For visits that are further away where you will require food/accommodation and we will do our best to negotiate any costs with the venue for you.

We believe the cost of not doing a site inspection can be far greater than the cost of doing one so that you get a feel for the venue yourself.

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