What types of venues can DeSouza Associates book for you?

DeSouza Associates are an independent company and therefore unbiased when suggesting suitable venues. We work with all major hotel groups (both international and national), independent hotels, [...]

Are you really a free service?

Yes, we are paid a small commission by the venues for the business placed with them.  This is paid to us after the event takes place and when the final invoice is paid in full by the client. More [...]

Why should you use DeSouza Associates?

With one phone call or click of a button we can save you time and money by doing all the background work in finding a suitable venue for your event. We have 20 years expertise and knowledge [...]

Are venue rates increased to cover the commission payment?

No, not at all; due to our buying power and negotiation skills we will always endeavour to get the best possible rates for our clients and to match any budget.

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