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Every Corporate Event Organisers nightmare!

‘Desynchronosis’ or jet lag as it’s more commonly known means that your body clock (Circadian Rhythm) is out of sync, caused by flying long-haul, your body thinks it’s still in one time-zone when physically it is somewhere else. It causes confusion and tiredness.

With conference delegates (and event organisers!) jetting across the globe on business trips, we have listed some of the tips and tricks of beating jet lag.

Our body clocks have evolved to be linked to the solar day so we are influenced by the hours of daylight. Experienced flyers will know that flying East across time zones is harder than travelling West as East shortens the days meaning your Circadian Rhythm needs to do more to catch up.

  • Set your watch to the time zone you are travelling to before you board the plane this will tune your mind into your new routine and what you should be doing when.


  • Try and sleep as much as you can on the plane, following your usual sleep routine- putting your PJ’s on and brushing your teeth may help you to drift off. Some airlines mimic different times of the day with their lighting which will assist with this.


  • There is a hormone that tells your brain when it’s time to wind down ready to sleep, it is called Melatonin. You can take a small amount of between 3 and 5 milligrams 30 mins before you want to go to sleep, this can really help your body clock to adjust. If you take it in the morning you can trick your brain into believing you slept longer.


  • Consume a lot of water as opposed caffeine in order to stay more alert for longer. Food high in carbohydrates and overly processed foods should be avoided as they are heavy so will make you feel more tired.


  • Exercise is a great way to get going. Some people swear that going for a run or a swim can help you adjust to the time zone, awakening you for the day and tiring you out for the night.


  • Finally, switching off your phone at night will mean your sleep isn’t disrupted by the pinging of notifications and the glare of the bright screen.

Next time you travel long-haul bear these tips in mind, beat the jet lag and you’ll be a top jet-setter!

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