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So the decision has been made that your next corporate event is going international!

Where do you start and how do you choose which location?

Here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction so that you choose the right destination that will maximise impact and encourage delegates to attend.

Convenience /Proximity to Attendees

Try & avoid long travel times and destinations that mean lots of flight changes as this will put off some attendees not just for the time factor but also the cost.

Not everyone arrives by plane – is the destination supported by good rail and road links?


Also consider the transportation costs within the destination – is it walkable? Is everything within easy reach making it as easy as possible for the delegate to enjoy what the destination offers?

A meeting location which is time efficient for travel is ideal and will keep costs down.

Event Objectives

Destinations and venues are a bit like brands – what does your chosen conference destination say about you or your organisation?

What impression do you want to give your attendees?

Are you looking for the wow factor, historic, distraction free?

All these considerations need to be addressed so that you choose the best fit for your corporate event.

Hotels & Meeting Infrastructure

Many destinations can boast some great hotel and meetings products however you have to choose the best fit for your attendees. Whether you’re planning an in-house meeting at a hotel or an event at a convention centre,  it is key that the destination can support your requirements.

There needs to be plenty of hotel choice to meet difference attendee budgets ideally within walking distance of the event venue.

Image of a Hotel


Many international destinations and venues are better suited to, or only available at, certain times of year, whether it’s for climate reasons, religious reasons, peaks of tourism or event calendars.

Choose wisely so you don’t pay inflated prices or struggle to get accommodation for your attendees

Downtime matters too!

Consider an international destination that will attract your delegates to your event so that they want to visit the destination as much as your attend your event!

Delegates are likely to add a few days onto the trip to make the most of the travel time and the opportunity to explore a new destination.

DeSouza Associates provide a UK and Worldwide free venue finding service. We can help source the perfect venue for your corporate events.

Our experienced team of venuefinders will source you the best event venues at the best price, all over the world.


Call us on 01252 722185 or email us events@desouza-associates.com 

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