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ost companies have a number of meeting rooms in-house, but space and availability is usually at a premium and sometimes it becomes necessary to book an external venue for the meeting.

It may be that the meeting is confidential and therefore an internal meeting room would not be suitable.

Meeting room setup

The first thing to consider is the meeting room set up or layout that would be most suitable for your meeting or event.

Meeting Room Considerations

  • The meeting room space available
  • The size of the audience
  • The level of activity and interaction required

These are the five most popular layouts:



Can be adapted to a hollow square layout
Ideal for smaller meetings set up so that delegates can have a conversation around the table



Similar to Boardroom style but only has seating around three sides. This is ideal if you are having presentations so everyone is able to see the screen.
Also ideal for smaller training events as it means trainers can walk into the U to interact with the delegates.



Theatre style seating allows the most people for a given size of room. This is a good set up for an audience who will be listening to presentations and do not need to make many notes or interact with each other. There is usually an aisle up the middle so that delegates can easily access their seats with minimum disruption.



Ideal for small to medium groups and is most regularly used for training as the layout allows space for laptops and paperwork.
Delegates are usually seated in ones or twos and have their own workspace
Ideal for examinations/course work and individual training



This has become very popular in recent years
All delegates facing the front seated on round tables so that no one has their back to the presenter.
It is key to check with the venue the number of people that they will seat around the table – ideally it would be between 6 and 8 depending upon the size of the table
It is always worth remembering that cabaret style takes up a lot of space and therefore will require a large room. This style is ideal if you require groups to break out and have discussions around the table without the need to hire additional breakout rooms.

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