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If you and your teams have been working from home throughout the last year, you will know that the virtual world has been key in staying connected. For some it has been the only way to communicate with work colleagues, family and friends alike.

Online meetings, events and team building have been vital in continuing working relationships with colleagues and keeping people informed and engaged.

In recent weeks, it feels great that we have reached another milestone in the easing of lockdown. There has been a flood of interest to get people meeting together again.

For some businesses it is still not possible to meet indoors for meetings and events so how about considering an outdoor event?

Let us book your outdoor team building event – get outside and have some fun whilst enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

By hosting an event outdoors, it allows businesses to be more flexible and creative and gives people the opportunity to meet together again in a COVID-safe environment. It will, and can be, a challenge to welcome teams back together after such a long time apart, so an outdoor teambuilding activity can be a fun way to inspire and empower your teams whilst outside in the fresh air.

For those who feel comfortable to return and have the confidence to meet face-to-face, an outdoor event offers the best of both worlds, to reconnect again in-person.

What better way to rediscover that human interaction but with a range of physical or mental team building activities and the outdoors provide the perfect setting for this.

DeSouza Associates work with a number of venues throughout the UK which have extensive grounds where a wide range of fun outdoor teambuilding activities can be organised.

Why not consider some of the following activities, over the next few months, to inspire and empower your teams.

Multi-Activity Days

These are perfect if you want to offer a selection of activities for a broad range of participants of varying abilities. Activities can include a mixture of motorised or non-motorised, dependant on the space available, and can be organised over a half or full day. From archery to clay pigeon shooting, quad bikes to Segways, anything is possible! Outdoor activities such as these are great to couple with an on-site meeting or evening drinks and a BBQ.

A multi-activity event is ideal to promote leadership, incorporate problem solving and increase motivation within your teams whilst having fun doing it!

Team Building Activites - Segway

Water based adventures

A water-based activity is likely to excite, entice and entertain work colleagues, clients and customers. With the warmer weather now with us, a water activity can be a great way to combine sun, sea and smiles!

Perfect for team building or client entertaining, organise a rib ride on the Solent or the Thames. Or how about a luxury powerboat or sailing day, to reward people for their hard work and commitment. Combine these events with a treasure hunt, drinks and BBQ to make a day to remember.

Thames Ribs

High-Ropes and Zip courses

A number of hotels, along with stand-alone venues, have physically challenging high-rope courses, climbing walls and zip line activities on site. This is ideal for groups looking for a thrill-seeking activity and the opportunity to challenge themselves.

With bespoke full and half day packages available, no matter the weather, your teams can reunite whilst enjoying the outdoors and getting back to nature.


Traditional Team Building options

Most activities available have been adapted to be COVID safe according to the latest government guidelines. City treasure hunts using high-tech GPS technology, games to test your mental and physical abilities such as brainteasers, photo challenges or accuracy tests, build & design projects to get those creative skills flowing and many more team building events can all be arranged outdoors.

You may wish to consider a competitive activity, for example, The Crystal Maze, It’s a Knockout, Zorb Olympics or a traditional School Sports Day event? These activities are all designed for ultimate fun and to lift your team’s spirits making the most of the warm sunny days.

Team Building - Treasure Hunt

Health and Well-being activities

We all know the last year has impacted on so many people’s mental health. Never has it been more important than to consider your work colleagues health and wellbeing. Getting outdoors together, whilst having fun, can be a great way to let your teams know you care.

Yoga al fresco or building your own planter, craft workshops or a meditation class, to name just a few. By supporting good mental and physical health amongst your teams you increase energy, productivity and most of all decrease stress levels.


Working closely with a selection of tried and trusted suppliers, we can come up with the inspiration to create an outdoor team building activity to suit all requirements and budgets.

COVID-19 should not stop us from having some fun and we can ensure that all events will be safe for your guests from enhanced hygiene procedures to encouraging social distancing for the duration of the event.

As we start to enjoy summer, and beyond, we hope the positive steps being made through vaccinations will continue so people will feel more encouraged and confident to organise a live event and get work colleagues away from their desks at home or in the workplace.

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