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Our clients ask us ….’What are the popular teambuilding activities at the moment?’

There has never been a more important time to get your teams back together and more crucially have some fun!

DeSouza Associates work with a number of suppliers to ensure that we can provide the best possible team building solution for our clients and their events.

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We asked one of our suppliers, GO TO Events, what is ‘trending’ right now? Here are some of the team building activities that are popular now and we would love to book one of these events for you! 

Whether you are looking for an off site team building day or just a couple of hours of fun, we can help – get in touch

Here are some suggestions:

Quid Games:

Unlike the Netflix TV series, Quid Games will consist of your team working together instead of against each other. To allow for a fair game, no information is disclosed about the games in advance. However, what can be said is that you may, or may not know some of them.

Each of the games will be played as a team allowing you the opportunity to win money for your team’s piggy bank. The overall aim of Quid Games is for your team to have the most money at the end of the game.

Although you need to think tactically throughout as you may lose players, will you forfeit your team to win the money, or will you forfeit the money to bring your team back for the grand finale?

Survival Island:

Your team has been stranded on a remote island with no signs of civilisation. Using your initiative and the skills that are taught to you, have you got what it takes to survive the island?

Each survival challenge is designed to involve every team member. Using what nature has to offer challenges include: Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Stretcher Rescue, Knot Tying and Water Purification.



A very popular indoor team building event. Step into a world of ultimate head-to-head challenges, as you test your skills and nerves under the pressure of the clock.

There are head-to-head challenges where teams can win extra money before taking on the team challenges. Practice time will be given before entering the actual ‘pressure zone’.

With several lives, just be careful not to lose all of them before it’s too late!

Benefits of this team building event: Fun event, ideal for mixed groups, encourages team development, bonding and networking.

Master of the Tasks:

Inspired by popular TV shows, Master of the Tasks challenges teams with a hilarious selection of team games that will literally have your people in stitches of laughter!

The games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when teams open each golden challenge envelope. There’s absolutely something for everyone, with the name of the game being good old-fashioned fun.

Benefits of this team building event: Fun event, ideal for mixed groups, encourages team development, bonding and networking.

We recently booked this event for a client who had a fantastic evening – read her feedback!

It was AWESOME! Honestly we had such a blast, thank you so much to you and the team, haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Can feel it in my face and abs today that’s for certain!

Isn’t that great – we would love to book this event for you – why not get in touch and have a blast like our client did.

Crystal Challenge:

Based on the popular 90’s game show, the Crystal Challenge is probably one of the most popular outdoor team building events.

Hosted by very energetic presenters, you will compete in teams against each other in an exhilarating mix of activities, dashing between the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones.

Benefits of this team building event: Fun event, ideal for mixed groups, encourages team development, bonding and networking.


For something different why not consider….

Charity Bike Build:

If you want an activity that gives you that feel-good feeling, then the Charity Bike build maybe the event for you. Teams will compete in a series of games and challenges to earn funds so that they can build their bikes.

This event can be run indoors or outdoors at any type of venue.

This event is designed around building bikes from scratch to send off to underprivileged children in UK and Africa.

Benefits of this team building event: Charity Team Building unites teams and individuals.

Our top tips when organising a team building event:

It’s a good idea to know what you would like to achieve from the day. This will point us in the right direction of the type of activities to suggest in our proposal to you. Often the events can be adjusted to suit your needs.

When you are looking to book a team building event you are looking to invest in your teams. With this in mind it is important to consider the quality of the event and to ensure it is run safely and professionally. We work with a group of trusted suppliers who we know will deliver a great event.

Do allow enough time for the team building activities in your schedule – remember you are investing in your team! You don’t want your delegates feeling rushed which could have a negative and opposite effect to its intended purpose. Ideally the activities should be run after the ‘business’ part of the day has finished, allowing guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

The greatest success of any team building event is the engagement from your guests. They have to ‘buy’ into what you are doing and often the word teambuilding fills most people with dread.

A well planned event is crucial so choose a supplier who are established and you feel comfortable with – you will then benefit from a successful event.

Working togther - corporate team building

Our view

Team Activities encourages team work which in turn improves business efficiency, morale and ultimately the bottom line.

Give us a call or drop us an email – we’d love to help you

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