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To create the perfect environment for people to interact and engage.

[heading color=”]Our Mission[/heading] To offer a professional and personal service on every occasion, maintaining a high level of product knowledge; investing in new systems; maximising our connectivity with clients and suppliers. [heading color=”]Our USP[/heading] Our personal and professional service means that we treat our clients individually We act with integrity with customers and suppliers alike. This is reflected in our many referrals Working alongside our tried and trusted partners we are able to create a memorable event We have expertise in Medical Events [/pixel_one_half] [pixel_one_half][heading color=”]Are you looking for a venue for a corporate event ? [/heading] Then may we introduce our free venue finding service where we can find you the perfect venue for your event for free ! We appreciate that venue finding can take up a lot of time so we are here to save you time and money. We take the time to find out your requirements so we can select the perfect venue for your event – whether it is for 10 or 500 people, we are happy to help. Since Lida started the company in 1995 we have established relationships with venues of all types, shapes and sizes to enable us to find the right venues for our clients at the right price. Our service covers venues in the UK, Europe and Worldwide Still not sure ? Have a look at our FAQ’s or go to our venue finding page for more information Click here to make an enquiry, or call us on +44 (0)1252 722185 and speak to one of the team. We look forward to hearing from you !  

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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their efforts over the years in helping us to find the perfect venues for our meetings.  I appreciate the amount of work involved (and that we do not always make it very easy with our needs and my often delayed responses!), but we truly are grateful for all your support, and hard work.
Leanne - Association
[/testimonial_unit] [/content_divider] [pixel_two_third] [blog_posts heading=’Latest News’ posts_per_page=’1′][/blog_posts] [/pixel_two_third] [pixel_one_third] [heading]Why Choose Us?[/heading] FREE worldwide Venue Finding Bespoke Events Accommodation Sourcing Experienced Event Organisers Medical events Personal, professional service every time Honesty and integrity with both clients and suppliers [/pixel_one_third] [pixel_one_half] [heading] Hotel Group of the Season[/heading] Sina Hotels are a collection of 12 Hotels in key locations mainly in Italy and one Hotel located in Bordeaux, France. We are currently featuring Sina De La Ville Milan located in the famous shopping gold triangle strategically positioned between the Duomo, La Scala and Via Montenapoleone – watch their video on our website and read our blogs to find out more [/pixel_one_half] [pixel_one_half] [/pixel_one_half]
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