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We live in an age where everything is becoming digital, according to ‘We are Social’ this year.

The number of Internet Users worldwide is a huge 4.388 billion with approx. 95% of the population in Western and Northern Europe having access online!

Social Media networks are now so well established that 67% of the UK are active users of one, and this is a worldwide thing; the UAE tops the charts with a whopping 99% of its population using Social Media. So it’s no surprise that companies now use this platform to target their audience.

Even at its most basic level, Social Media is a powerful tool, it allows businesses to reach prospects directly and interact with them by sharing content which advertises their product, venue or service and best of all, it’s completely free!

There are a core ‘top 5 social networks’ that don’t change much from year-to-year now but the most popular do vary in usage by country and demographic.

Each platform caters to a different purpose;

Instagram offers visual content and updates, Linked-in can be used for sharing in-depth content with a professional audience and Twitter for more casual communication via short messages and content sharing.

Social Media is essential in the Events Industry allowing companies to market their services and stand out from the crowd in an ever-competitive industry.

As an Event Planner the most successful way to use social media would be to update your audience on upcoming events, excite them and get them interacting which will gain maximum exposure.

You can create a hashtag that clients can use before, during and after the event so not only do you get the public build-up, you gain feedback and history.

You can also increase industry awareness by conducting research to gain insight from other industry professionals, venues and events.

On top of all this, you can stay up to date with the industry news and follow relevant hashtags to see what others are posting about.

Social Media around the world

As a Venue Manager the aim is to show your property at its best, deck out your profile with amazing photography of the spaces you have to offer at the venue. Keep followers up to date with any visual changes to the venue and talk to your audience about what you can offer and the events you host. Staying active and monitoring each platform will allow for quick communication and can help you to stand out attracting new clients and encouraging repeat business to return.

Image of a Hotel

As with everything, there are of course some downsides to social media; low quality images, spelling mistakes and incorrect tags can damage a company’s reputation.

It is also important to respect your followers, try not to have too much of an opinion and certainly don’t post anything that could be seen as offensive.

Consistently posting content that followers don’t wish to view can lead to them disengaging with your account but if you manage each platform carefully then the benefits are endless.

Social Media icons

Social Media has proven incredibly effective in the planning process of events and in encouraging attendance. When used correctly, it can generate business by forging new connections and can improve your brand reputation.

Make the most out of social media in the events industry and get posting!

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