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For your next corporate event why not consider treating your clients to an unforgettable experience …..

Whether you want to immerse yourselves into a high adrenaline event or just spend a day relaxing at a spa or on the golf course we can suggest ideas to create the perfect corporate event. Here are a couple of suggestions:

A Helicopter Tour over London
Have your own private chartered helicopter ride, seating up to 5 guests at one time, and fly over London for up to 20 minutes to take in all the sites.

We can help with all your Corporate Events

We can help with all your Corporate Events

Dinner & Private Tour / Viewing at a Museum or Gallery in London
Enjoy a private tour and viewing of one of the many museums or galleries. Lecturers and speakers can also be booked to enhance your visit. Finish with a private dinner in one of the many event spaces.

Private Viewing & Dinner

Private Viewing & Dinner


Rib Blast – River Thames or the Solent (your choice!)

Enjoy one of the most exciting activities on the water. These amazing high speed water rides are sure to get your clients adrenaline racing.Back in the Autumn we took some clients out for a Rib Blast on the Solent and it was certainly a memorable experience for us all ! We had a fabulous hour or so on the RIB’s where we went out as far as the Needles before making our way back to Lymington Yacht Haven.


Ribs blast !!

Thames Ribs

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