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Are your business events geared up and prepared for the future? Can events be run more energy efficiently? How can corporate events be organised more responsibly and have less of an impact on the environment?

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These are key questions that any person involved in the events industry should be asking nowadays and need to take on board. Sustainability in the corporate world is growing at a rapid rate and shows no sign of stopping. Organisers of events need to take all of this into consideration.

The definition of ‘Sustainability’ means the ability to maintain the needs of the present at a certain rate or level without impacting on future generations. This can be linked to economic growth, the global environment and social.

Most people these days have a personal interest in protecting our environment for future generations therefore if businesses are showing compliance with this people will be more inclined to promote and support them.

To implement some of the below sustainable examples, there may be some initial outlay which will impact the overall budget but if gradually enforced this can prove invaluable.


Something as simple as going paperless can be cost effective and make a huge impact. Invites can be sent out electronically via email, through an app or from your company web page. By doing this it makes it quicker to communicate with your target audience and easier to make last minute changes.

Digital media and social platforms make it much more streamlined to keep your delegates informed on event details and avoid reams of printed material which eventually gets thrown away.


Recycling comes in many forms and can be done so easily. When hosting an event you can ask venues to steer clear from any disposable products such as plastic bottles, plastic badge holders, plastic straws etc.

A corporate event planner can make it easier for delegates to recycle by providing accessible recycling bins. Once the event has taken place, unused materials could be donated or re-used


More and more people are searching and asking for event venues which prioritise sustainability and have green initiatives in place to back this up. This is likely to become the standard as it becomes more popular and people are more conscious about our social responsibility.

Many venues now have an environmental policy in place which details can usually be found on their websites.


Delegates are increasingly asking for information on where their food and drink comes from, determined by the saying, ‘Farm to Fork’. Venues that use locally sourced produce, organic foods and Fairtrade products are generally seen as being kinder to the environment and greener. Venues should also be willing to accommodate latest food trends and cultural needs which have an impact on the environment, for example veganism.

Wastage of food can also be a huge issue so obtaining an accurate number count and finalising the amount of food required can save a lot of money and food waste.

Some venues may also be willing to donate leftover food to a local scheme or shelter where people are in more need for it. It is always worth asking to find out!


To cut down on the carbon footprint you can choose a venue with excellent transport links using public transport, or better still a venue within walking distance.

If needed, you can set up a group transport such as shuttle buses or taxis to move guests around together rather than individually. This will all assist in cutting down on fuel emissions.

DeSouza Associates endeavour to understand every clients brief and event objectives including any environmental factors that need to be addressed.

As a company we do our small bit to help the environment, by working towards going paperless and recycling where we can, and we are committed to improve on this.


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