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Have you been asked to organise a corporate team building day and don’t know where to start?

You may be looking to reconnect colleagues or hold ‘a get to know you day’ for newly created teams or just want to have some fun with your colleagues.

You have come to the right place!

We work with a variety of trusted suppliers to provide you with a tailormade event that will match your brief and budget whether it is outdoors, indoors or virtually!

…And don’t forget we do it all for free! It’s a win win situation!

Why choose DeSouza Associates to book your team building event?

  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Prompt response time
  • Professional and friendly team
  • Bespoke team building packages to suit YOU!
  • We will work with any group size

The Benefits of Team Building are:

  • Improve productivity
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve communication
  • Encourage creativity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Understanding each other

Not only can DeSouza Associates help you book team building activities, we also have an endless list of UK wide venues so we can book the whole day or event for you.

We will find you a venue that:

  • can accommodate your chosen activities
  • match your budget
  • location preference

We book corporate team building activities as part of our free venue finding service which also includes conferences, private dinners, motivational days, team meetings, themed evening events, corporate entertainment and corporate hospitality.

If you are only looking for a couple of hours teambuilding or just an evening activity then that’s not a problem – we are happy to help!

The variety of team building activities we book means there is something for everyone, too many to list here, so below is just a snapshot of some of the activities we can help you with …..

You’ll have to contact us to find out the rest!

We can help you with…….

Icebreaker team building


Icebreakers can be effective at the beginning of a training session, meeting, conference or team-building event. They help people get to know each other, feel relaxed and buy into the purpose of the day or event.

Consider having an energiser/icebreaker after lunch to gear everyone up for the afternoon session.



There is a massive amount to choose from and whether your targeted outcome for the day is to improve communication, enhance collaboration, get creative or just have some competitive fun then we can find the right activity for you. Getting out of the office can make a huge difference to team motivation and morale.

Country Sports, Adrenalin filled driving experiences, It’s a Knockout, GPS Treasure Hunt, relive your youth with a Schools sports day there is a such a variety.



Team building events work as well when run indoors as they do outdoors. Ranging from cookery events to tasks that challenge your group to problem-solve by working together.

Make a movie, paint a picture, go on a Treasure Hunt, solve a crime and make cocktails – the list is very varied!



Virtual Team building became very popular during the recent uncertain times, when companies and employees were separated. This has undoubtedly changed the way businesses and staff communicate and interact however you can still motivate and encourage people to work as a team, albeit in a different way! It’s ideal if your employees are spread across the UK and the World!

Virtual Team Building is still popular today and is conducted just like an in-person team building event. Your employees will be broken down into smaller teams, competing against each other, and will take part in virtual team challenges. Good interaction, communication and having fun is most certainly encouraged!



Thinking of getting your team together for an After Work Social. how about Crazy Golf, Ping Pong, Shuffleboards, Cocktail Masterclasses, Murder Mystery Evenings, Cookery classes and many more, the list is endless!

Book these as a standalone activity or as an afternoon/evening event, following your meeting.



After a day of meetings how about organising something to help your delegates unwind and relax as a team, many of which can be enjoyed over a meal and a glass of wine! Start your event with a cocktail making workshop to get everyone in the mood!

Solve a crime, have a night at the races, be a quiz show contestant, be wowed by a magician or let us help you organise some great evening entertainment to make a very memorable event.



It has never been more important to consider the health and wellbeing of your teams. We are working with some great suppliers, offering wellbeing sessions virtually or live covering a variety of different aspects.

How about incorporating a session into your event or run a health and wellbeing session as a stand-alone event.

How you can help us find you the best team building event

  • Give us as much information as you can at the initial planning stage, so we can propose a number of fantastic ideas specifically tailored to you.
  • It helps if you have an idea what you want to gain from the day.
  • Is it just for everyone to have a good time or if you want to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance?


This helps us select the best activity as well as providing a fun event for staff or clients can enjoy.

Bring your team together

Team building is vital to the success of any organisation and as such, in order to be truly effective, well-designed team building days need to be delivered by experienced event planning companies like us.

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