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While there is nothing wrong with booking corporate events in conference centres, boardrooms or standard hotel meeting rooms, it’s important to remember that there are other viable options. This is why companies are finding themselves turning to more unusual, unique venues to host their events.

Unique event venues add a certain wow factor to a conference, gala dinner, drinks reception or awards ceremony. This is particularly true for areas like London, where for every cookie-cutter conference centre, there’s a quirky venue waiting to spice up a company event.

Corporate Events in London

There are hundreds of unique London venues to choose from, all of which have a diverse range of features which set them apart from your run-of-the-mill venue. It pays dividends to ensure you research unique venues to hire, but this can be a time-consuming process This is where DeSouza Associates come in; we have the experience and knowledge to help you find those perfect, distinctive events spaces.

Why Choose a Unique Venue?

Using the Free Venue Finding Service via DeSouza Associates will save you time on research and money. We know some great unique venues in London that will match your brief and budget.

Ultimately, your organisation can benefit considerably by hosting your event in a different type of space because:

  • Unique venues leave a lasting impression.
  • They give your guests something else to talk about, which therefore encourages guests to network and interact with each other.
  • An unusual event venue often has more opportunities to be customised to your liking.
  • They provide a great break from the norms; guests love a bit of variety and mixing venue choices up.

To give you some inspiration we’ve outlined ten different, more ‘out-there’ venue ideas in London, which are sure to give your corporate event some added flair and flavour.

Dine with a Diplodocus

10 Unique London Venues

  1. Art galleries – if you’re intent on making a great impression, then you should consider an art gallery. London hosts plenty of well-known galleries where the impressive paintings and sculptures are sure to impress your guests.
  2. Museums – much like London art galleries, there are plenty of museums which are perfect for hosting a corporate event. Many museums offer day meeting spaces, so they are often suitable for events both in the daytime and evening.
  3. Ballrooms – the lavishness and elegance of a London ballroom cannot be replicated in many other venues. While these types of London venues are best suited for classic, award-style gatherings, there is no reason why they couldn’t work for other corporate entertainment events.
  4. Blank canvases – these London events venues are perfect for crafting your own personalised, custom corporate event. Most of the time, you can alter room layout, lighting, venue entertainment and much more. That being said, these types of venues are often ‘dry hire’, meaning that additional costs will have to be taken into consideration regarding in-house catering or support teams.
  5. Outdoor spaces – on a warm summer’s day, the tranquillity and peacefulness of a corporate event outdoors can’t be matched. Given the UK has somewhat unpredictable weather most of the time, it’s worth having a contingency plan in place if you’re looking to hire a London outdoor venue.
  6. Warehouses – similarly to blank canvas venues, warehouses offer plenty of event customisation options. These venues can usually accommodate large groups of people, and are excellent for corporate team-building events.
  7. Boutique hotels – if you’re looking to book a multi-day event in London, nothing says preparedness and convenience than having accommodation and activities in the same building. If you’re looking to book a hotel which may not seem all that unusual, then many London boutique hotels can offer something a little different to a standard conference hotel.
  8. Landmark properties – as we all know, London boasts numerous historic locations. While these are more costly on average, they are usually excellent for creating the perfect mix of lavish architecture, creativity and convenient locale.
  9. Concert halls – similarly to ballrooms, London is not short of beautiful concert halls to host corporate events in. London concert halls might be more suitable for events that need a certain grandeur, but again they create a fantastic atmosphere for guests.
  10. Converted spaces – you can look in just about any district in London and find quirky, converted railway arches or centuries-old buildings to host your company corporate event.

We Can Help you Find that Perfect Unique Venue Location

If you’re looking ahead to a post-coronavirus London and want to find that perfect unique venue, speak to DeSouza Associates. We offer clients an unmatched service in providing corporate event planning, conference management services and much more. Why not take advantage of our venue finding service, of which our team is continuously monitoring venues that gradually open up over the next few weeks and months. 

We are passionate about giving you a corporate event experience that you can look forward to, and creating memorable events that your guests will remember for years to come.

Call DeSouza Associates today on 01252 722185 and we can help make your next corporate event perfect. Alternatively, drop us an email.


We look forward to finding that perfect corporate venue, perfect for your event!

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