If you’ve ever needed to book a venue for a meeting or event,

you’ll know it can be a time-consuming and, sometimes, daunting experience.

When there are so many different types of venues to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here is how using a venue finding service to source the venue for your next corporate event can save you time and money:
  • Venue-finding agencies know hundreds of venues and many different types of venues ranging from the unique to stadia, hotels and conference centres. They can assist you to find the right venue to match your brief.
  • Using an agency will save you time – the agency will take your brief, conduct a venue search and produce a proposal outlining all the information you require.
  • You will have one proposal outlining all the proposed venues with all the same information and rates so they can be easily compared, rather than collating all the different venues responses, often sent in different formats.
  • Agencies have great buying power and good relationships with venues built up over the years. They will know the right people to approach
  • Agencies are great at negotiating rates, after all they do it every day on behalf of their clients, to get you the best rates.
  • An Agency acts as the ‘middle man’ so can also shield you from the chase-calls from the venues and hold the space to enable you to make a decision.
  • If you have a very short lead time for your meeting or event, agencies can find you somewhere suitable at short notice, saving you time making endless phone calls.
  • Venue Agencies also work with 3rd party suppliers so can help with sourcing entertainment, AV, teambuilding etc for your event.
  • Once you build up a relationship with an agency, they will get to understand your business and your needs. They will get to know the type of venues you like making the next booking even easier.
How can this venue finding service be offered free? Agencies earn their money by being paid a small commission from the venue, for introducing the business. The venues see us as an extended part of their Sales Team. A good venue finder will propose the venue that best suits your brief not the one that pays the most commission. DeSouza Associates can take away the worry about finding a venue as we have the experience and know how to find you that perfect venue. Why not contact us today?
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