Virtual Teambuilding for Corporates

Never has it been a more important time to keep everyone together and talking – keeping all levels of communication open. Whilst working from home is the norm for some companies, due to the COVID-19 outbreak it has become a necessity for many more of us.

The news at the moment is full of concerns about employee wellness and mental health during the current crisis. Employers must be mindful of this and remote or virtual teambuilding is one way of keeping your team motivated, hopefully feeling less isolated and lonely in these uncertain times.

People like people so for those working remotely they are bound to feel cut off from colleagues – perhaps missing out from those chats around the coffee machine/water cooler or catching up with the weekend activities on a Monday morning.

The key remote working issues are:

  • Social isolation: not feeling “connected”
  • Insecurity about job performance
  • Feeling less valued than in-office staff (if applicable).

So how do you keep everyone focused and feel that although working apart are still very much part of the team?

Why not organise some remote or virtual teambuilding?

This doesn’t just have to applied to the current situation we all find ourselves in but also ideal when your team is located across multiple cities or even countries. It is a simple way of connecting with all team members without the added cost of bringing them all together.

Planning a virtual teambuilding exercise is the same as planning a ‘real’ teambuild, be it in a field or in a hotel room – your team have different personality traits and strengths and weaknesses. It’s something you will want to bear in mind although part of the teambuilding exercise would be about how best to use the different team strengths when working remotely!

Working togther - corporate team building

The definition of team building is:

….. the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation….

But most of all ….. have fun!

Whilst you cannot get everyone together why not consider organising a remote team building session – get in touch with us today.

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