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Wellbeing and the idea of maintaining a state of ‘wellness’ has been around for centuries in its various forms. Now it is often described as simply feeling good.

Wellbeing can be linked to a number of different benefits including improved physical and mental health, faster recovery times from illness greater productivity and an overall healthier lifestyle.

It is likely that for the foreseeable future life will be very different for us all.  You may be going through a restructure at work, working from home, on furlough or just coping with day to day life. Each one brings its own challenges.

Top tips for staying well at work

To help support your wellbeing here are some of our thoughts which we have discussed as a team over the past few months:

’It’s good to talk’ – With the wonders of modern technology it is so much easier to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family. 2020 is definitely the year of ‘zoom’.

Whilst catching up over the various chat platforms do try and meet up ‘face to face’ with friends and family (as long as government guidelines allow this and the rules are adhered to).  There is nothing like seeing someone in the flesh – arrange a socially distanced walk or meet up in the park.


Routine – Try and have a routine so you know what you will be doing each day.

Achieve – Aim to achieve something each day. Create a ‘to do list’ and have that satisfaction of striking it off when the task has been completed.

Exercise – Winter brings short, cold dark days and we cannot stress how important it is to get out on a daily basis for some exercise. Ideally at least 1 hour but if you can’t manage that then 30 minutes is fine, just having a change of scenery can do the world of good.

If you can’t get out then try and sit on your balcony or in your garden; failing that sit close to an open window where you can see the sky.

Yoga on the beach

Nature – Too often we are too busy to observe the beautiful nature on our doorstep. Take a moment, go to your local park and look around you and relax. Doing this can help improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anger.

Autumn Colours

Rumour – Speculation can fuel anxiety. Get your news and information from reliable sources – don’t pay too much attention to social media.

Social Media

Sleep – This is essential for our wellbeing and there are things you can do to encourage a good night’s sleep;

  • Avoid using smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices for an hour or so before you sleep
  • Your bedroom should be a relaxing, peaceful environment so avoid TV’s, noise, uncomfortable beds etc
  • Keep regular sleep hours – try and go to bed and get up at roughly the same time every day.
  • Cut down on caffeine
  • Try not to eat too late

Activities and Hobbies – Make time for any activities or hobbies that you enjoy

Positivity – Reflect on what helps you feel more positive and what does not. Concentrate on the positive side of your life and try and banish negative thoughts


Working from Home – If you are working from home ensure that you establish a clear work-life balance, it’s easier to work longer hours and have less breaks. If you have space in your home do try and create a space where you can work comfortably and quietly (ideally not your sofa!) A relatively quiet environment will help you with your productivity.

Give to others – Acts of kindness and giving can increase your mental wellbeing. It can be small acts of kindness towards other people or volunteering in your local community.

Spare time – Circumstances may mean that you have some more ‘spare time’ – embrace this time, try reading more, catch up on some box sets, try a new relaxation technique or perhaps take advantage of broadening your knowledge and enrol on one of the many free on line courses that are available.

Yoga pose

Positives – Try and find the positives from your situation and how you have overcome any challenges. It may be that you have got to know your neighbours, learnt a new skill or perhaps made some time for yourself, which we don’t often do due to our busy lifestyles.

We hope you enjoy these tips and perhaps someone reading this may take up one of our suggestions – let us know!

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