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Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of business these days and shows companies are playing their part in society and giving something back that will benefit others. 

A great way for a company to do this is to arrange a team building event where the activities have a CSR element within the program. These types of activities will help boost staff morale while making a positive difference so everyone wins! 

Whether you are looking to incorporate a fun element to your corporate event or help strengthen staff bonds & communication, combining a team building activity with corporate social responsibility can be the perfect way to achieve this. 

There are many Corporate Social Responsibility team building activities available on the market these days, here are just a few suggestions which might whet your appetite: 

Cooking for the Homeless

This is a great way to help others in need whilst meeting your CSR targets as a company. 

Working in teams to cook a variety of different meals whilst being supervised by chefs. Once the food has been made a percentage of this, usually half, then gets distributed out to local charities to be sent out to shelters and the homeless. 

Bike Building

Each group will be set a number of competitive tasks to receive a selection of bicycle parts. Once all teams have the full set of parts they are then challenged to build the bike working together. When completed these bikes are then given to a charity of the company’s choice to be given out to people in need. 

Farm Community Project Events

Get stuck in and help on a community farm for the day whilst building your teamwork skills and enjoying the outdoors. This type of activity will also make a long time difference to these projects. 

Most of the activities would be seasonal and can incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities. 

Some examples would be; 

Egg Collecting 

Animal Husbandry 

Butchery Masterclasses 

Hands on Agricultural 

Bee Keeping Skills 


Charity Events

Working in teams you can do many different creative activities such as calendar making, chocolate making and a bake off challenge for example, and sell the final products with the proceeds going to your chosen charity. 

There is also the possibility for companies to link up with a local charity or community project and get employees to group together working to contact local organisations and charities to donate a given list of items. Employees will use their communication skills and teamwork with a challenge such as this. 

Environmental Activities

Incorporate a treasure hunt or quiz where teams answer questions and hunt for tree saplings. The goal at the end is to plant new trees within your local community. 

Ground force like challenges such as maintaining and building new pathways with forestry commissions or building a sensory garden for a local school. 

The opportunities out there are endless and most team building type activities can be adapted to include a CSR element. 

Corporate Social Responsibility team building events can benefit both the business as well as staff members. As a result they benefit and provide support to the local community and charities which otherwise may not have received the assistance.

These events can allow businesses to promote their PR initiatives and develop their brand recognition whilst meeting their CSR policies. Employees get to work closely with their colleagues out of their normal office surroundings and increase their knowledge on more global issues and worthy causes in their communities. 

A CSR team building activity is where everyone wins!

If you are looking for further assistance or help with your next event then DeSouza Associates work closely with a number of team building companies who can provide inspirational and thought provoking events that can match your company’s corporate social responsibility targets. 


Have a chat now to one of our experts and let us help you with your next event. Call us on 01252 722185 – or complete our contact form here.

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