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In these unprecedented, strange times, it is even more vital to keep in contact with your work colleagues, clients and suppliers to ensure working relationships remain intact and business can continue smoothly.

Have you considered one of the many virtual team building activities which are readily available and have been designed to help with people’s recent change in working environments?

With working from home and social distancing being the new normal, it means we have had to adapt and find new ways of keeping in touch! The virtual world has become extremely important so we can communicate with everyone we need to. As well as connecting online with work, family and friends, this tool can also be used for fun & offer a chance for companies to engage with their workforce whilst not being able to meet in person at this time.

From remote online group games to virtual wine tasting or exercise classes, activity companies are working around the clock to design and invent new and exciting online activities to suit all requirements. They are a great way to provide support, communication and help people to still feel part of a team, whilst working remotely.

Here are just a few for starters to hopefully give you food for thought and inspire you to organise a team activity over the next few months, whilst many employees will continue to be working from home

Virtual excape rooms

Online Escape Rooms

Either to be run fully hosted by a member of the corporate team building company or can also be self-run with guidance, there are a number of online Escape Rooms available that can be accessed and booked now. These can be customised to incorporate your company logo and also within the content of the games.

The aim of these Escape Rooms is to solve a range of tasks and puzzles to earn points, escape the rooms and make your way through the game as fast as possible to be the winners. You can organise your teams between your colleagues and create breakout rooms for each group so you can discuss and play the challenges together.

The Virtual Pub Quiz

Bringing colleagues together for a fun, live, interactive experience whilst in their own homes. This is a great team activity that can even be enhanced with home deliveries of craft beers and snacks to be enjoyed during the quiz.

These quizzes can be designed to be customised with your company branding, values and even people. A host can welcome everyone to the quiz, do a short ice breaker before starting the immersive pub quiz experience. Work in groups, pairs or individually and more to the point have fun!

Pub Quiz remote team building logo

Art Project

Why not consider taking part in a community art project and even be part of raising money for worthy causes.

Download canvas templates to design and create at home a masterpiece which can then be uploaded to a group gallery. These can be created either individually or you may wish to send them out to all work colleagues and create a design together.

DeSouza Associates work closely with Blue Hat Teambuilding who have created a Corona Canvas where 50% of the fee goes back to charities.

Virtual Tastings

All the enjoyment of a masterclass in wine, beers, gin etc.. but in the comfort of your home. Connect with your work pals for an informative and interactive tasting experience.

Tasting packs will be sent out to all members of the group beforehand and all they need to do is log in, sit back and sample the wares.

There are many more virtual team building activities being designed and becoming available all the time so we will keep you updated on the latest!

Most team building companies are also very open to new ideas and suggestions so why not have a chat to us and we can work with you to create the perfect virtual team building event.

No numbers are too small or too large to run these events, so are great for a department get together or an entire company corporate event

We can help you engage with your team

If you are looking for inspiration and require further assistance to get your co- workers reconnected then DeSouza Associates work closely with a number of team building companies who have created innovative and exciting new virtual activities.

Call DeSouza Associates today on 01252 722185 and we can get you working as a team again, alternatively email us


We look forward to working with you and helping you reconnect with your teams – virtually!

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